08 April, 2010

Give me a break!

Today's blog is short, and has nothing to do with writing, unless I can work the insanity into my story somehow.

Every so often, an article on the 'Net or in the paper (yes I still read a hard copy newspaper) just pushes my button and I have to vent. It's usually about the lack of a dog park, or some other anti-pet ordinance, in our otherwise civilized town, but this time it's something a little more delicate: bathroom facilities on airplanes.RYANAIR, a no-frills Irish line, is planning to charge passengers to use on-board toilets. If you're old enough, you probably remember when places like Grand Central had both "free" and "pay" toilets.  If you were smart, you coughed up the 25 cents for the ones they cleaned, nominally, a couple of times a day.

RYANAIR is planning to make its toilets coin-operated, forcing passengers to fork out a pound ($1.65) or a Euro ($1.44) every time they want to "spend a penny" in the sky.  Their logic: they can remove one or two toilets from each plane and add additional seats, lowering the fare by 5%.  Like that's really going to happen! This from an airline that already charges $33 per bag.

Did I mention that the ratio of toilets to passengers will be 1:200?  I've got enough Irish blood in me to know that if I were a stewardess on Ryanair, I would never accept a "courtesy" bag or other container from a passenger in the future.

I'm proposing we all band together to form a new organization - STOPT - The Society to Outlaw Pay Toilets.Are you with me? If not, I'll see you on Amtrak where you can still get breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack at a reasonable price, carryon your laptop for free, and use the bathroom!

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