03 June, 2010

Never break Rule # 5

I should have known better.  I broke my own rule #5: never go to Williams Sonoma alone (we can discuss rules 1 through 4 another time).  Actually I broke #3, too : never take your credit card into a cooking store.   Williams Sonoma is, for me,   like chocolate chip cookies for others: irresistible and never enough.

I went in looking for  a new Y-peeler.  That's all I needed.  Let's face it, W-S is not dumb; their merchandisers know about people like me, that's why they group all the gadgets together in enticing displays.  Reaching for a peeler, I realized I could, instead, get three for only a few dollars more:  a straight, a serrated and a julienne peeler in a set, and in bright colours.  And only $15.  Such a deal.  Why shouldn't I  treat myself?  After all it's a lousy, hot, humid day, a storm is threatening,  and I deserved something .

No sooner had my hand closed on the peelers, than my eyes zeroed in on the Dial-a-slice apple gadget -- the one all the foodie magazines have been raving about.  I just had to have it (even though I can't remember the last time I made an apple pie and I'm perfectly capable of coring and slicing an apple with a knife).  Who wouldn't want a gadget guaranteed to produces two sizes of uniformly sliced apples:  16 thin slices or 8 thick wedges.  No kitchen would be complete without one of these.  And I might want a pie sometime soon….

By now my hands were full, so I needed a basket.  Rule #5: if you break rule #4, NEVER, NEVER pick up a basket.  The basket looked a little empty, and I didn't want to embarrass the helpful ladies at the checkout, so I ambled through the store, adding this and that.  Nothing extravagant, mind you, just a gadget here , a mix there , a bottle of demi glace, some fleur de sel and herbes de Provence (I was running low on both, so these were actually necessities, not splurges).

Twenty minutes after I entered the store, my basket had a satisfactory heft to it.  And then I spotted the food processors.  The rest of this story is not for the faint of heart.

No, I did not succumb to temptation and buy a new $200+ machine, but I wanted to.  Instead, I assuaged my baser urges with, you guessed it, more gadgets.  A new set of (square) biscuit cutters, dulled the pain of resisting the processor, but  the shiny, new grill brush actually made me smile.  So what if I went in for a $4 peeler and came out with a Visa bill I'll be paying off for months?  I was happy.

Now if I just had enough money to buy something to slice, julienne, salt or grill, I'd have it made!  But I'm still smiling every time I look at my nice, new grill brush.  As soon as the storm passes, I'm ready!

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