30 June, 2010

Who's coming to dinner?

Jessica Faust posted a blog the other day which caught my imagination. If you could have dinner with any 4 authors, who would you choose? She admitted the idea was stolen from her client Jennifer Stanley and her Cozy Chicks blog, and I admit to continuing the "theft." But what a great idea. So here's my question: What four authors dead or alive would you want to have dinner with? And what would you serve?

Here are my picks:

Jane Austen - not only did she write some of my favourite books, but her skill at characterization -- particularly considering the restrictions placed on women in her day -- is second to none.

Julia Child - I'm a foodie, need I say more? Not only is she a female and a pioneer in the culinary world, but her life story is amazing. And maybe, while she's here, she can teach me to make the perfect omelet - a skill I cannot seen to master.

JK Rowling - anyone with an imagination like hers has to be an entertaining dinner guest. A rags to riches success story, I'd love to hear first hand how she found the motivation and strength to preserve through all the obstacles and emerge with her successful series.

Agatha Cristie - queen, empress, of the mystery. Whether it's a play or a book, Tommy and Tuppence, Miss Marple, or Hercule Poirot, she always manages to lure me in and lead me astray in my search for the culprit.

If one of them where unavailable, I'd invite Nicole Mones - her ability to weave story with sensory experience amazes me.

Can't you just imagine the conversation? I wonder what Jane would have to say about some of today's authors. Would Agatha approve of the graphic sex and language we write? I can only imagine.

And what would I serve? Something not too fussy (don't want to embarrass myself in front of Julia), but interactive. Maybe a beef fondue with several tasty dipping sauces, french bread (homemade, of course) and a nice Bordeaux wine. Fresh strawberries, with sour cream and brown sugar for dipping, would make a nice dessert.

What about you?


  1. Stephen King - His books are mostly too scary for me, but he is a genius with the pen. And I want him to write a blurb to an agent for me.

    Harlan Coben - I'm hoping he is like Myron Bolitar. And he can do a blurb for my jacket cover.

    Michael Connelly - Like the way he writes. And he is cute as a button.

    Tess Gerristson - I'd like to pick her brains and wrangle a blurb from her also.

    I would feed them a pure Montana meal. Ribeyes on the grill, Corn-on-the-cob, Fried potatoes with onions, home-baked bread with slathers of butter, and cucumber/onion salad. Dessert would be Angel Food Cake (from scratch) with fresh garden strawberries.

  2. Two immediately came to mind: Oscar Wilde and Dorothy Parker. I'd put a bottle of wine on the table and call for takeout.

    The next day I'd invite Jane Austen and Nora Roberts for tea, just to hear them swap stories on writing romance. Can you imagine? And I'd hire a wonderful French pastry chef to bake for us.

  3. I'd gather Toni Morrison, Robertson Davies, Truman Capote and Harper Lee around a table laden with Moroccan chicken, arugula & preserved lemon salad, and saffron rice, A nice pinot noir for the wine. Ethiopian coffee and a fruit tart for dessert, the latter made by the Los Feliz Cafe since I don't bake.

    After that I'd die and go to heaven, where I'd make a deal with Charles Dickens for channeling sessions and then miraculously return to life in time to attend Rochelle's dinner.

    Carol Baier

  4. I'd invite Judy Picoult and serve her fried chicken, mashed potatoes with lots of butter, and sweet potato pie.

    Sounds fattening, right? Well...yeah!!! In addition to admiring her, I'm jealous of her success as a writer.