05 August, 2010

Wanted: One Sister

Watching the news this morning, I finally figured out the deep dark secret behind all my sorrows, insecurities, and failures: I don't have a sister. Obviously, my parents were short-sighted during their child-bearing days, or I might be President today.

New research shows that having a sister, whether younger or older  – even one who tattles, but also shares secrets and cookies – makes you a kinder, more giving person, an spur you to higher success, and generally make you happier.

According to the study,  adolescents with sisters feel less lonely, unloved, guilty, self-conscious and fearful
Regardless of whether she is older or younger, a sister has a far stronger influence than parents on a person's mental well-being, and therefore on her success is life.

Brothers -- of which I have two -- do not, according to the report, have the same effect; it has to be a sister.   Neither, apparently, do eight years of successive boarding school roommates.  I have to question that one; we certainly fought, shared, and giggled like sisters.  In fact, my best friend today is someone I met at school 47 years ago.  Of course, she's an only child, so she has other issues...

Growing up, I never longed for a sister.  My brothers teased me mercilessly, broke my toys, and were generally, well, older brothers.  But they also watched over me, guided me, and covered for me when I got into scrapes.   I wouldn't trade my brothers for anything, but maybe I should have lobbied for a sister as well.

So here I am, not only the youngest child, but also the only girl.  I wonder if there's any hope for me... and all the other sister-less women out there.  Maybe Match.com could set up a special site to link us up?

Do you have a sister?  If not, would you like one?

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  1. I have two wonderful younger brothers, but oh, I would love having a sister! There are things you just can't tell a brother, no matter how simpatico you are with him. You're right, we need a "sisters" match-up site! Thanks for the post