15 November, 2010

Crime Bake Withdrawal Symptoms

Crime Bake is over.  What can I say except I'm counting the days until next year's event - the 10th anniversary! It was great to meet up with old friends and meet new ones - lots of them, thanks to Hank Philippi Ryan's genius scavenger hunt.

I'm experiencing my normal "withdrawal" symptoms: a renewed energy and determination to finish my manuscript, find an agent, and get published,  and a sadness that I won't see many friends until next fall.

This year's theme -- "Written in Blood" -- paid homage to guest of honour Charlaine Harris.  Although Sookie Stackhouse did not appear in person, she was certainly there in spirit.  In fact, her alterego made an appearance at the costume event! And a screening of HBO's True Blood closed out Day 1 in a most fitting manner.

A second day of learning to hone our writing craft skills was topped with the Red & Black Banquet and Vampire Ball.  Just let your imagination run wild and you won't even be close to the real event!  Vampire and ghouls dancing with everyone from Little Dead Riding Hood to Wednesday Addams (complete with her guillotined Marie Antoinette doll).  Oh, and did I forget to mention the bottles of Vampire wine?

The Master Classes, seminars, sessions and panels were, as always, informative, entertaining and studded with successful authors.   What a thrill to see Charlaine Harris, Dennis Lehane, Katherine Hall Paige and Julia Spencer-Fleming all together on the dais in a session moderated by Hallie Ephron.  I can only hope that breathing the same air will kick start my writing this week. 

I was lucky enough to win one of the raffle baskets of books, which included Rhys Bowen's newest mystery Royal Blood.  Don't expect I'll get much done around here until I finish reading it!  Between the wonderful basket, all the books I bought, including a copy of the Thin Ice anthology, I'm  a happy camper.  But I foresee many late nights of page turning.

So here's to next year everyone.  And a special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make this year's event such a huge success!

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