01 January, 2011

Blessings, not Resolutions

New Year's Day -- the time we make that long list of resolutions most of us will never keep despite our best intentions.  This year I've resolved not to resolve.

Rather than a long list of empty good intentions, this year I'm writing down my blessings.  Scratch exercise every day from the list, add completed water-proofing leaky basement -- and it worked.

This year's list is diverse:
  • a year of good health for the entire family
  • celebrating my mother's 90th birthday
  • the safe rescue of all 33 trapped Chilean miners
  • attending Seascape, Mystery 203, and Crime Bake
  • an improving economy
  • seeing my "foster" puppy go to his wonderful "forever" home
  • a friend's first published book - hope for the rest of us .
  • renewing an old friendship after 15 years
  • much needed house repairs complete
  • the Gulf oil spill clean up
  • the slow, but steady recovery of an ill friend (no more dialysis! Yeah!)
  • finishing 50K words of my WIP
  • the safe return of many (but unfortunately, not all) of our young service men and women
  • my many friends, near and far, old and new
  • the promise of another exciting year - 2011
I intend to print out my list will, placing it in a small frame on my desk .  That way, whenever I'm feeling low, defeated, or even angry, I can remind myself of my many, many blessings.  Now that's a good way to start the year!

What's on your list?

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    Kicking off my Birthday*Celebration Week with the coolest chick in Wilton.

    Knowing that those who are the heart and soul of you will find some way to always be so, whether on this here earth or not.

    Aware that the goodness of Friends and Colleagues dance our spirits to higher places.

    I have the sense to be Grateful-Kate'full.

    Thanks Lovely Tiger,
    ~ Absolutely*Kate