11 January, 2012

It's a new year and I'm already behind

Once more with resolve and feeling...this year I will:
  • Waste less time on the Internet
  • Exercise more often than last year (that should be easy!)
  • Finish my manuscript revisions and start plotting a second mystery
  • Eat less junk food
  • Clean out the clothes and other items I haven't worn/used in the last 5 years.
  • Stick to a schedule.
Six little items.  Doesn't seem so hard, but here we are in the second week of January and I've already strayed -- that bag of M&M's on my desk was just taunting me.

I'm actually a very organized person, always early for appointments, but somehow the days just seem to slip away and my to-do list keeps growing. The Christmas decorations are down and packed neatly away, but the first block of my new quilt is still unfinished.

I'm blaming the social media.  One, for making me feel I can multitask and do all these things and, two, for distracting me from doing them.  Take this morning for instance.  I got up early, exercised, ate a healty breakfast (oatmeal, fruit and yogurt) and sat down to write.  Everything was fine until I needed a British expression for garbage collectors.  Type "British Expressions" into the Google search box and that was it.  Half an hour later I was reading about Indian curry recipes without any clear idea why or how I'd gotten there.  And once I get started on recipes, well let's just say I'm a recipe junkie and leave it at that.

And now it's 11 a.m. and I haven't written or revised a single word. The wash is in, the tarp is over the wood pile, the dog is walked and the piece I promised an editor is emailed, but what happened to my manuscript?

Guess I'll just have to try again tomorrow.  And the next day, and the next....

Maybe I'll start my resolutions for the Chinese New Year!  That gives me a week and a half to get my act together.  Check back on the 23rd to see how I'm doing.

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