14 May, 2012

Doggie Deliberations: Mystery Reader's Quiz

Do you write pets into your mysteries?  Do they play a significant part?  Are they modeled on your own pet?  See how much you know about other writer's literary characters.
1. These dogs are NOT huskies, although many people think they are.  What breed are Rowdy and Kimi, featured in Susan Conant's Holly Winter Mysteries?

   a)    German shepherds
   b)    Alaska malamutes
   c)     Irish Wolfhounds
   d)    Hungarian sheepdogs

2. These dogs, featured in Laurien Berenson's mysteries, were originally bred in Germany as hunting dogs.

   a)    Schnauzers
   b)    Dachshunds
   c)     Poodles
   d)    Weimaraners

3. Toby the Spaniel assisted which human detective?

   a)    Philip Marlowe
   b)    Lord Peter Wimsey
   c)     Sherlock Holmes
   d)    Hercule Poirot

4. What breed of dog does Columbo own?

   a)    Beagle
   b)    Blood hound
   c)     Dachshund
   d)    Basset hound

5. Bonus Points:  What is Columbo's dog's name?

   a)    Him
   b)    Dog
   c)     Max
   d)    Rex

6. What mystery featuring the dog Claudius is set in Roswell?

   a)    Please Don't Cry, Wolf
   b)    Howl with the Wolves
   c)     Lone Wolf
   d)    Wolf at the Door

7. Rachel Alexander and her dog Dash are both a Private Eye team and a Therapy dog team.  What unlikely breed is Dash?

   a)      Pitbull
   b)      Chihuahua
   c)       St. Bernard
   d)      Corgi

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