22 November, 2012

Happy Turkey Day

It's that time of the year again, when we all break out our biggest pots and pans to create the ultimate feast.  Generally, the family menu consists of a first plate of smoked salmon, half a deviled egg and salade ala russe (mixed veggies with mayo and salad dressing, although that sounds so plebeian.).  Then comes the main feature: brined, roast turkey with plain stuffing cooked in the bird, bourbon mashed potatoes, celery root and Yukon Gold mash, asparagus, and the ubiquitous canned cranberry jelly (jellied not chunky), all washed down with champagne. After we've pried ourselves away from the table and a couple of hours have passed, the chocolate pecan pie appears along with the vanilla ice cream.   OMG, I'm stuffed already just writing about it.

This year it's just me and my mom so things are definitely simpler. A nice plate of duck mousse pate with, cornichons,  a simple endive salad, and a fresh baguette for starters.  And champagne.  It's not Thanksgiving without champagne. I'm roasting a small turkey breast for the two of us. But that's no reason not to splurge, so the breast will be rubbed under and over the skin with  paste of fresh herbs, dried mustard, olive oil, and garlic, and accompanied with a savory porcini and wild mushroom stuffing, gravy spiked with porcini broth, asparagus and, yes, canned cranberry jelly. And dessert? A light chocolate mousse. Now I really am hungry -- and I can smell the turkey breast in the oven.

We have much to celebrate this year, including surviving Hurricane Sandy with nothing more than property damage. I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, and time with friends and family to remember our blessings and joys.