19 April, 2016

Murder by the Minute

Last weekend was Sisters in Crime's  Murder by the Minute, an held annually by the New England chapter.  Each state picks either Saturday or Sunday and the local members get together to read from their work, published or unpublished.

The Connecticut event was held at the Fairfield County Writers' Studio, where we were warmly welcomed by co-founder Carol Dannhauser.  I say warmly because a motorist took out the utility pole 10 minutes before the event and we had to use tea lights (borrowed from a restaurant across the street), flashlights, and camping lanterns in a room with no windows or A/C.

 Mystery writers are hardy people, and everyone took the extra "atmosphere" in stride

Our readings, each no longer than 5 minutes, ranged from YA to noir and from thriller to cozy -- in other words, the full mystery gamut.  We had nine readers in all and an enthusiastic audience of listeners.

 Events such as these are important to writers because they force us to read in public (which some people love and some hate) and give us an opportunity to socialize with old and new friends.

It's also really nice to hear applause when you finish!