08 August, 2016

Bucket Cruise Day 5

We're getting bounced around pretty well at the moment.  Guess that storm we tried to avoid had a cousin lying in wait for us.  White caps as far as you can see, and the hangers in the closet sound like a poorly tuned wind chime.
We were delayed in sailing last night as 3 passengers were unaccounted for at departure time.  I know they found 2; not sure if the remaining woman was found or left behind.  Plot for a mystery?
We are headed for Londonderry, having bypassed Edinburgh due to the storm. Today is an "at sea" day, so there are lots of on board activities ranging from scarf tying to painting, gambling, lectures, etc.
Yesterday I played bridge with a lovely lady from Geneva, Switzerland and an English couple from outside London. Also went to a seminar on how to eliminate puffy eyes and dark circles.  Either it worked or I'm very suggestible but really could see a difference after only one treatment.  The
Canyon Spa therapist said it takes about 4 days for the circles to disappear (if you remember to go through the routine twice a day) and about 2 weeks for puffiness. 
Two of my traveling mates played Bingo and won over $230!
And now for the food portion of my day. :-) Lunch was a surf and turf (Waygu beef and lobster tail) sandwich with sides of artichoke salad and couscous salad.  Our evening in-cabin canapes were vegetarian samosa and a mini baguette with Camembert, radish and tomato slices.  Dinner was in the main dining room : quinoa and vegetable tartare terrine with a gravlax and sour quenelles, monkfish medallions with lobster coulis, and a scrumptious tarte tatin.  Then it was on to one of the lounges for after dinner drinks..
As you wonder around the ship, you can hear Italian, Chinese, French, German, and many more languages. The people at the table next to us last night were from Poland. You meet so many people just wandering around the game rooms, lounging on deck, etc.  Most people are really outgoing and just strike up a conversation.!
Time for breakfast - hopefully the waiters are surefooted in bad weather and it won't land in my lap! I don't think this will be an "outside" day - too windy, but the daily paper has 2 full pages of activities so I'm not worried.
Have a great day, everyone!

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