07 August, 2016

Bucket List Cruise Day 3

As noted in previous entry, we spent today in Newcastle, UK. We docked at 6 am. Love watching the tug boats pushing and pulling this huge vessel.
Last night dinner was at the Polo restaurant. For anyone wishing a few vicarious extra pounds, I can tell you that I had lobster bisque with sautéed chunks of lobster.  This was followed by a piece of prime rib that could have fed 4.  It was at least 3 inches thick (16 ounces!) and I chose sautéed mushrooms and steak frites to go with it.  Incredible meal, but such a shame to waste all that meat I couldn't eat. And no way to get a doggie bag to Murphy. :-(
We had room/cabin service for breakfast today since we had an early departure time for our tour.  Lovely. They even lay a white tablecloth!
After breakfast we boarded a bus for the 90 minute ride to Landisfarm which is an island accessible only at low tide.  Apparently the tide can come in very quickly, submerging your car and leaving you stranded in something that looks like a lifeguard station until the rescue boat arrives.
The island contains a castle, a beautiful old church, and the ruins of a priory that looks like it might have been the model for the cathedral built in Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follett book). And, if you're into it, they had a store dedicated to nothing but mead (the tasting was very good).Unfortunately a storm is brewing and because we would have to use tenders to get to shore at the next stop--we Edinburg--we are spending another night here and by passing Scotland entirely.  Bummer, but a 45 minute trip in a tiny boat in rough seas does not sound like fun! So our next stop will be Belfast.
That means another day to tour Newcastle or just sit out around the pool sipping Margaritas.  Tough choice, right?
Time to get an Amaretto on ice and relax!

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