10 August, 2016

Bucket List Cruise - Derry

Having passed the Orkney and Hebrides islands, we moored at Londonderry.  Please note the use of the word moored.  The harbor itself is too shallow for large boats so we had to stay out a ways and take a tender into shore.  thankfully the water was came because those tenders are pretty small. and I had eggs benedict for breakfast.
Derry is a walled city and you can walk all the way around it up on the ancient walls which provides incredible views.  The town itself has several cathedrals and overall gorgeous architecture. We visited a craft village (and bought souvenirs) St. Augustine's cathedral and the Peace Bridge.  We walked far enough that I racked up 13,116 steps on my Fitbit - a little over 5 miles.
A little out of the city is the Giants' Causeway, a natural formation of rocks which looks like huge stepping stones that would allow you to cross the water.
And of course, this being Ireland, it drizzled and then rained.  But the downpour was perfectly timed and we ducked into a pub for a late lunch of chicken and mushroom pie washed down with a pint of  Raspberry and lime hard cider.
After a very long day, we had a quick dinner, we borrowed a DVD from the library and settled with with a kir royale to watch the movie.  Getting too old for the crazy nightlife on board ship. :-)
Tuesday night we at the the Red Ginger specialty restaurant on board: Thai vegetarian summer rolls, lobster pad thai, and green tea ice cream with ginger sauce.  They served about a dozen different types of tea.  I chose white pear and ginger tea which was just slightly sweet and delicious.  If you can find it, give it a try.
Last night we were too tired to dress for dinner so went to the buffet for lobster crepes with langoustine sauce, artichoke timbales with truffle sauce, eggplant rollups and a sinful croquet-en-bouche the size of a baseball filled with salted caramel custard and wrapped in hard caramel. Amazingly my jeans still close!!
Now it's time to visit Belfast! And there is a gangplank, no tender, so I'm a happy camper. There is a bookstore here that specializes in mysteries which is going to be a must see.

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