05 April, 2017

Is there a support group for my addiction?

What did we do before Post-Its? Is there a Post-Its Anonymous I can join?

Like many (most?) writers I always carry a small note book in my purse to jot down those priceless ideas that pop into my mind at inopportune moments. When I'm home, however, I tend to use pads of sticky notes—probably because they take up less room than having a notebook in every room of the house.

This has led to a rather unfortunate decorating style, or lack thereof. Sticky notes adorn the table next to the couch, the wall next to the commode (don't ask), and the bed stand, not to mention the refrigerator.

At one point, I even tried color-coding the notes: blue for plot, green for dialog, yellow for description, etc. I gave that up when I ran out of blue Post-its and grabbed whatever colour was at hand leading to a total breakdown of my system. Since then I've managed to control my OCD and use whatever colour is nearest. So proud of myself.

Some people are more organized and can actually develop an entire plot using Post-Its. I can only imagine the chaos if I tried that. (Example below is NOT mine!) But I do use small ones to mark passages in books I want to reread/save.

I love my Post-Its.  I love buying them in different sizes and shapes. I love using them even if it takes me forever to sort and transcribe them.  I just plain love them.

Now if I could just afford to buy stock in 3M, I'd be rich, too.